Algeria Thwarts Plans to Attack Oil Installations

22 Jan 2015   Algeria

In anticipation of possible attacks on the second anniversary of the Tiguentourine gas plant siege, Algerian troops stepped up security on the southern border. Authorities announced last week the foiling of a series of terrorist operations targeting three areas of oil and gas installations in the south. Army forces already succeeded in dismantling a 12-member terrorist cell that was planning attacks against vital facilities in conjunction with the January 16th anniversary of the In Amenas assault. The operation came a few days after the discovery of weapons and military equipment along the border area with Libya, which sparked fears of a fresh attack targeting oil facilities in the vicinity of Tiguentourine. A defence ministry communique stated that the neutralised terrorist cell was preparing to carry out operations in Algeria in co-ordination with groups operating abroad. The communique pointed to a link between this cell and a terrorist […]

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