Syrian opposition fighters vowed to capture all of Aleppo after breaking a weeks-long siege of the northern city that has become a critical battleground of the country’s five-year civil war.  Fierce battles raged in several parts of Aleppo, Syria’s largest city and its economic hub before the war, after rebels made advances against President Bashar al-Assad’s forces.   Rebels are trying to push from the south-west further into regime-held areas of the city as they attempt to reverse a government offensive that began last week and was backed by Russian air power.  “The other half of Aleppo — the occupied half — will be liberated soon, God willing,” said Ezzedin Salama, a spokesman for Fastaqem Kama Umirt, a US-backed rebel group that took part in the offensive.  It is still not clear that the campaign, which was by jihadi forces, can maintain its momentum.  If Russia increases military support to Mr Assad’s troops in Aleppo, the rebels could struggle to retain their grip on territory secured at the weekend.

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