Rail tracks shrouded in smog in New Delhi. Sandeep Singh Parmar embodies in one man the conundrum facing the most-polluted region in the world. Parmar, 35, who lives in New Delhi, also has a 180-hectare family farm in the northern state of Haryana. After every harvest, leftover stubble at his farm is burnt, like thousands of others, blanketing north India in a dense, heavy smog that can be seen by satellites and leaves people gasping for breath. This year, the harvest has been particularly good, boosting Parmar’s farm earnings. But, in a twist of fate, he’s spent most of it buying air purifiers so that his 2 1/2 year-old son can breathe. “The air has been really bad this year,” Parmar said. “My son fell sick and he was wheezing and vomiting and gasping for air because of the pollution.” Parmar’s tale shows the dilemma facing India’s policy makers […]