Donald Trump is to launch a far-reaching effort to undo Barack Obama’s environmental legacy by signing an executive order to roll back the former president’s action against climate change and boost fossil fuel power. By seeking to abolish Mr Obama’s effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions from power plants — an executive order known as the Clean Power Plan — Mr Trump’s order strikes at the heart of the US commitments made in the landmark 2015 Paris climate deal. The order has limited immediate effects but it shows that Mr Trump is not backing down from the climate change scepticism of his campaign and sets out a blueprint for dismantling a central part of Mr Obama’s legacy. Mr Trump’s directive will reverse half a dozen Obama executive orders on climate change, including lifting a moratorium of new coal mining on US federal land.  “When it comes to climate change we want to take our own course,” a senior White House official told reporters on Monday evening. The official called the executive order “the beginning framework” for the administration’s “new strategy” on energy policy.  “The policy is in keeping with the president’s desire to make the United States energy-independent,” the official said.