Libya’s ongoing civil war, which has resulted in a hothouse environment for extremists, Da’esh supporters and regional coalitions, could be heading to a slowdown in activity. Arab media sources claim that the two main adversaries, Libyan general Khalifa Haftar, currently ruling the east of the country via the Libyan national army (LNA), and UN-backed Fayez Al Serraj, Head of the Presidential Council, have reached an initial agreement to cooperate. During a meeting in Abu Dhabi, both parties seem to have agreed to form communication channels between the PC and the Operation Dignity (which was described by Haftar as the Libyan national army). At the same time, Al Serraj en Haftar has agreed that the general will be nominated for president of Libya in March 2018. Such an agreement would be a major success, not only for the two Libyan factions but especially for the main power brokers, Egypt and […]