Here’s a breakdown of some of the “critters” you can find on a drilling rig. Drilling rigs are sophisticated machines – so sophisticated that some of them can even “walk.” Nevertheless, some components of these advanced devices that can access hydrocarbons thousands of feet below the earth’s surface are described in a decidedly “low-tech” fashion. Consider the abundance of “animal” terms below in this installment of “A Newcomer’s Guide to Oil and Gas.” (Special thanks go out to intrepid Rigzone subscriber and retired BP drilling pro Jim Jenner, who suggested a discussion of “animal” terms and provided detailed descriptions of each.) What Is a Doghouse? In oil and gas parlance, the doghouse is not an enclosure where Spot, Fido or Rover takes a nap or where husbands spend the night when they screw up. Instead, it’s a small building located on a rig floor that serves as the driller’s […]