May traded volumes of Atlantic market thermal coal derivatives fell 55.3% year on year to 129.55 million mt, which was up 19.9% from April’s record low, according to data from the London Energy Brokers’ Association (LEBA) Tuesday.  Of the total, 99%, or 128.67 million mt, was cleared — the largest percentage since April last year when all derivatives were cleared.  Volumes of Europe-delivered CIF ARA derivative contracts traded in May dropped 62% year on year to 97.39 million mt, although recovered 28% from the previous month’s record low. The entire quantity was cleared.  South African Richards Bay coal volumes at 8.48 million mt fell 43% year on year, but rose 9% month on month, with all the total cleared.  The data showed 23.68 million mt of Australian globalCOAL Newcastle futures contracts were traded during the month — increasing 25% year on year, but down 2% from April to a nine-month low. Of the total 96%, or 22.8 million mt, were cleared.