One trillion dollars, one trillion problems: Saudi Aramco weighs which exchange is worth the gamble for its IPO. Around the world, investment bankers rub their hands together, giddy with visions of barrels full of cash accompanying Saudi Arabian Oil Co.’s initial public offering (IPO). But first things first. Saudi Arabia’s decision of where the kingdom will place Saudi Aramco’s record-shattering IPO – expected to value the company up to $1 trillion – remains unclear. A year ago, it would’ve been a diplomatic snub for Saudi to list anywhere but on the New York Stock Exchange. But as the company grapples with a far more stringent U.S. reporting environment than seen in the Middle East, the Aramco IPO’s place in New York becomes less certain. And beyond the transparency laws, the United States’ litigation-heavy culture could make New York the most perilous place in the world for Saudi Aramco to […]