The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a reduction in the amount of biofuels required to be added to gasoline, Reuters reports , in what could be a first step towards a wider reform of the authority’s biofuel rules. Currently, the Renewable Fuel Standard, which was introduced back in 2005, requires that gasoline in the U.S. must be blended with biofuels. The amount of biofuels was planned to gradually increase on an annual basis, to reach 36 billion gallons in output in 2022. As Reuters notes, however, the EPA’s proposal will actually lower the requirements for “renewable fuels” 2018. The EPA’s head Scott Pruitt announced the authority will be revising all future biofuel production and use targets, which naturally draw praise from the oil industry, but reining hellfire down from irate corn farmers as corn-based ethanol is the dominant biofuel of its type in the U.S. Environmentalists seem to have […]