We’re seeing big price declines in fossil fuels. Technology is the hero — or culprit, depending on your point of view. EVs will be the death knell for oil. The move away from fossil fuels: Is it just in time? Here are three clean energy stocks to consider. In January, Exxon Mobil ( XOM ) wrote $2 billion off the value of its U.S. natural gas fields. Then, in February, the company wiped 3.3 billion barrels of oil off its books . Exxon Mobil is not alone. As of mid-2016, oil and gas companies wrote off over $185 billion off the value of their fossil fuel reserves. Big price declines in fossil fuels Not too long ago, investors (myself included), thought some of the best companies to invest in were those which controlled huge amounts of coal, oil, or gas. After all, a growing, energy-hungry world needs increasing […]