Dean Fantazzini has provided me with updates to Texas Oil and Natural Gas estimates, the data shifted about a year ago so I use the most recent 13 months of Texas RRC data along with the “all vintage” data estimate which uses all data from Jan 2014 to April 2017 for oil and April 2014 to April 2017 for condensate. The most recent EIA estimate is shown for comparison. In April 2017 the EIA estimate is 3345 kb/d, the 13 month corrected estimate is 3443 kb/d, and the all vintage estimate is 3572 kb/d. The data in the table below is for Texas Natural Gas output (million cubic feet per day) . Eagle Ford output estimates through April 2017 are from the EIA in the chart below. Permian LTO output in Texas was estimated by using New Mexico Permian output from and deducting this from the EIA’s Permian […]