The devastation in the form of industry job loss due to the downturn may be higher than reported, says a pair of industry professionals. The last time Rigzone reported global layoff numbers due to the oil and gas industry’s downturn was Feb. 2017 . At the time, the world had seen more than 440,000 layoffs (441,371 to be exact), according to Graves & Co., a Houston-based consulting firm. But there’s at least a couple of industry professionals who think those numbers are a bit conservative and maintain that they have numbers that are “closer to the truth.” Citing email threads with supporting sources and references, Robin A. Davies, worldwide drilling consultant; drilling supervisor and DWOC fluids specialist, said he and his friend Alan Fortune have compiled a figure of around 688,000 publicized global oil and gas layoffs since 2014. The pair also believe that nearly 1.2 million jobs have […]