Six oil product tankers are docked at the Paraguana Refining Center (CRP) marine terminals in northwestern Venezuela awaiting payment from facility operator PDVSA before they discharge, according to a technical report Tuesday. In total 600,000 barrels of ULSD, 140,000 barrels of MTBE, 625,000 barrels of 1% sulfur vacuum gasoil, and 200,000 barrels of catalytic naphtha are waiting to unload at the CRP facility in northwestern Venezuela, which comprises the 645,000 b/d Amuay and 310,000 b/d Cardon refineries. Two of the tankers are at Cardon’s marine terminal and four are the Amuay terminal, according to the report. The Elka Elefsis arrived at the Cardon facility July 17 with 300,000 barrels of ULSD brought to Venezuela by Citizens, while the Mount Kibo arrived on July 10 with 140,000 barrels of MTBE from MS Internacional. At Amuay, the Atlantic Star arrived on July 9 with 300,000 barrels of ULSD brought by Citzens; […]