Summary There are greater threats to the outlook for oil than growing OPEC or U.S. shale oil production. Peak demand growth for oil will arrive faster than commonly considered. Renewable sources of energy and electric vehicles are advancing at a rapid rate aided by significant leaps in technology. Known oil reserves are destined to become stranded assets. Oil stocks are an increasingly unappealing long-term investment. The latest gyrations in the price of crude and actions by OPEC and key non-OPEC oil producing nations continue to garner the attention of investors, market pundits and analysts alike. While the outlook for oil ( USO ) has once again shifted to one of optimism because of additional efforts by the Saudis to boost prices by reducing supplies, amid rising geopolitical tensions in Venezuela and larger-than-expected inventory draws, the long-term forecast is not as positive as pundits believe. The energy sector is undergoing […]