Venezuelan security officials seized opposition leaders Leopoldo Lopez and Antonio Ledezma from their homes during nighttime raids on Tuesday, in what critics of President Nicolas Maduro said was a growing crackdown by his dictatorial regime. Their apprehension comes a day after the United States slapped sanctions on unpopular leftist Maduro for a new legislative superbody, the constituent assembly, which was elected on Sunday in a vote boycotted by the opposition. The pro-government Supreme Court said in a Facebook statement the measures were taken because the men had been planning to flee. The opposition countered it was a further sign Maduro was seeking to stamp out four months of massive street protests against him. “Maduro’s dictatorship is on the attack,” said opposition lawmaker Yajaira Forero. Lopez, a 46-year-old hardliner, and Ledezma, a 62 year-old veteran politician, were both under house arrest, the former for his role in […]