The result of this election was hardly in doubt. Opposition political parties boycotted what can most generously be referred to as “massaged” voting results. But the main result may end up being an unanticipated change in global geopolitics… And a higher oil price. Here’s what I mean… Venezuela’s “Election” Guarantees U.S. Sanctions In many areas, more votes were apparently cast in favor of the government than there are total voters. As a result of this “election,” Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has obtained a pliant new national legislature and a dramatic expansion of his presidential powers, all in the name of meeting a worsening national crisis. He also gained guaranteed additional sanctions from the U.S. Yesterday morning, Maduro’s political foes were already being arrested and draconian moves were being introduced to stem a rising tide of street unrest. The country is quickly cascading into a failed state, the term for […]