The investment bank says that despite hiccups for many EV models to date, Tesla’s success thus far “shows that the consumer preference for internal combustion engines can be swayed.” Morgan Stanley analysts go on to add: “technology and usability are improving, and charging times are falling. There will come an inflection point where range and usability combine with the right price.” In fact, the conversation seems to have completely changed only recently, with projections and policies getting a lot more bullish on EVs this year, a marked change from even just a year ago. There have been a flurry of announcements from the auto industry, detailing an array of new EV models. Obviously, Tesla’s Model 3 garners most of the attention, along with its early rival, the Chevy Bolt. But the latest is an announcement from Nissan about an overhaul of its all-electric Leaf. The new Leaf will have […]