As RBC’s head of commodity strategy in New York, Ms. Croft is closely monitoring the mounting tensions to determine what they could mean for the Iranian nuclear agreement, and, thus, crude supply and prices. And warning about the “precarious” nature of it all. She was referring in a recent report to President Donald Trump’s comments on the multination deal, which allows for an easing of sanctions amid nuclear restrictions on Iran. “President Trump’s speech at the UN [last] week, as well statements by senior administration officials, underscored just how precarious U.S. participation in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) really is, as well as the strong possibility that the White House will opt to decertify Iran next month,” Ms. Croft said. Mr. Trump has to certify to Congress, every three months, that Iran is meeting its commitments under the nuclear agreement, and the next chance to do that […]