The Permian is the heart of modern oil and gas activity, with well over 300 rigs operating and tremendous growth set to continue. But companies need to continuously drill new wells to fuel this growth, which requires companies to obtain drilling permits from the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC). The current shale resurgence has kept the Commission busy. The RRC has issued 6,262 drilling permits so far this year. There are a total of 53 counties in the Railroad Commission’s Districts 7C, 8 and 8A, where the Permian lies. Drilling permits have been approved in all but five of these counties, though activity concentrates in a few key locations. (Click to enlarge) Source: RRC Reeves County accounts for 15 percent of all Permian drilling As might be expected, the heart of the Delaware basin portion of the Permian, Reeves County, is the most popular county in the Permian basin. Since […]