When oil giant Saudi Aramco discloses its financials for the first time next year, it must either surprise investors with world record profits or reduce its aspirations for a $2 trillion valuation in its initial public offering (IPO). [IPO-ARMO.SE] Investors have long debated whether Aramco could be valued anywhere close to $2 trillion, the figure suggested by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who wants to raise cash through the IPO to finance investments aimed at helping wean the world’s biggest oil exporting nation off dependency on crude. Based on Aramco’s oil reserves of 266 billion barrels and a valuation of $7 to $8 per barrel in line with recent industry acquisitions – such as Total’s (TOTF.PA) purchase of Maersk’s oil assets – Aramco warrants close to the $2 trillion valuation. But that is not the only metric for an energy firm’s worth. By other measures, […]