China faces looming energy crisis, warns state-funded study (EXCLUSIVE) Fossil fuel decline puts Chinese and global economy at risk By Nafeez Ahmed A firefighter at a refinery owned by China National Offshore Oil Corp. in the Dayawan Economic and Technical Development zone in Huizhou city, Guangdong province, in 2011 (Source: Business Insider) Published by INSURGE INTELLIGENCE , a crowdfunded investigative journalism project for people and planet. Support us to keep digging where others fear to tread. A new scientific study led by the China University of Petroleum in Beijing, funded by the Chinese government, concludes that China is about to experience a peak in its total oil production as early as next year. Without finding an alternative source of “new abundant energy resources”, the study warns, the 2018 peak in China’s combined conventional and unconventional oil will undermine continuing economic growth and “challenge the sustainable development of Chinese society.” […]