It may cost less to invest in efforts to address climate change than to rebuild after major storms like Hurricane Maria, U.N. leaders write from Tehran. Photo by A1C Nicholas Dutton/U.S. Air Force/UPI Oct. 10 (UPI) — Investments necessary to reduce climate change risks may be less than what’s needed to rebuild after related disasters, U.N. leaders said from Tehran. Achim Steiner , the administrator at the U.N. Development Program, Patricia Espinosa, the climate chief at the United Nations, and Robert Glasser, the head of the U.N.’s office for disaster risk reduction, wrote for the U.N. Information Center in Tehran that climate risks would linger even if the measures outlined in the multilateral Paris climate agreement hold. “While carbon emissions are expected to drop as countries meet their self-declared targets, the impacts of climate change may be felt for some time, leaving the world with little choice but to […]