US coal train loadings volumes fell for the sixth straight week to a low not seen in almost three months, railroad data showed.  Data filed by the four major US railroads — CSX, Union Pacific, BSNF and Norfolk Southern — for the week ending September 29 shows nationwide coal loadings averaged 98.2 trains/d, down from 100 trains/d the previous week.  The decline marked the first time volumes dipped below triple digits since July, with counts last lower the holiday week ended July 7 at 88.2 trains/d.  The Powder River Basin saw a slight climb in activity that was outpaced by falls in the east. PRB coal train loadings increased to 58.3 trains/d from 57.5 trains/d the previous week and broke a trend of three straight weeks of losses. Central Appalachian loadings were down to 15.2 trains/d from 18.1 trains/d the prior week, and Illinois Basin counts slipped to 6.9 trains/d from 7.6 trains/d.  Northern Appalachian volumes grew to 10 trains/d from 9.2 trains/d.
In other production areas, Utica Basin loadings increased to 5.1 trains/d from 3.9 trains/d, while loadings from the outside the primary basins were down to 3 trains/d from 4 trains/d.