The EIA released the latest edition of their Electric Power Monthly on October 24th, with data for August 2017. The table above shows the percentage contribution to two decimal places for the last two months and the year to date.According to the Electricity Monthly Update at the EIA web site, “ Net generation in the U.S. decreased by 7.2% compared to the previous August, mainly due to the cooler temperatures experienced in August 2017 compared to the previous year.” Nuclear generated slightly more than it did in July, resulting in its percentage contribution increasing to 19.01% from 17.83% in July. A decrease in the absolute contribution from Solar from 7862 to 7632 GWh, translated to the percentage contribution actually increasing slightly to 2.09%, up from 2.04% in July. It is worthy of note that the percentage contribution from solar was below 2% in January […]

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