Study attributes significant amount of kidney disease globally to PM2.5 pollution

6 Nov 2017   Air Quality

The global toll of chronic kidney disease (CKD) attributable to PM 2.5 pollution is significant, according to an analysis presented at ASN (American Society of Nephrology) Kidney Week. Benjamin Bowe, MPH, (Clinical Epidemiology Center at the VA Saint Louis Health Care System) and his colleagues previously described an association between increased levels of fine particulate matter and risk of developing CKD. ( Earlier post .) In this latest research, the investigators used the Global Burden of Disease study methodologies to estimate the burden of CKD attributable to fine particulate matter: more than 10.7 million cases per year. The global burden of chronic kidney disease attributable to elevated PM2.5. expressed in disability adjusted life years (DALY) per 100,000 population. Click to enlarge. Epidemiologic measures of the burden of CKD attributable to air pollution including years living with disability—meaning years living with kidney disease—(YLD); years of life lost—meaning early death attributable […]


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