US offers ‘critical combination of price and certainty’ for LNG, exec tells Rigzone. From a liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporting perspective, the proverbial stars are aligned for North America, according to an executive with a company that counts itself among the leading edge of the “second wave” of LNG liquefaction terminal developers “LNG is going to be very important to North America overall and the United States in particular,” said John Baguley, chief operating officer with LNG Limited (LNGL), which is pursuing export terminal projects in Louisiana and Nova Scotia. “Even more so, U.S. and North American LNG is going to be extremely important to the world energy market.” Calling the U.S. a “stable, long-term, reliable” supplier of highly competitively priced LNG, Baguley said that it enjoys a unique position among LNG-exporting countries. “It is not possible today to identify another place in the world that provides this critical […]

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