Russia’s Gazprom is set to exceed on Friday the level of exports to Europe and Turkey that was recorded in 2016 as demand for Russian natural ss and cold weather across the continent. Sales to Europe, Turkey to reach 179.8 Bcm Friday CEO points to ‘unconditional reliability’ of supplies Nord Stream set for 87% utilization rate in 2017 Taking into account the nominated volume for Friday, Gazprom will have exported 179.8 Bcm to what it calls the Far Abroad — Europe and Turkey, but not the countries of the former Soviet Union — higher than last year’s then record high of 179.3 Bcm. Russian gas has been in strong demand through 2017, with a prolonged cold snap in January and February seeing supplies peak, while deliveries remained robust through the summer as European buyers looked to refill heavily depleted storage stocks. Cold weather in Europe in late November and […]