The UK’s installed solar photovoltaic capacity at the end of November was up 7.7%, or 902 MW, year on year to 12,642 MW across 935,120 installations, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy said Thursday. * Installed solar PV capacity up 902 MW in 12 months to November * Around 12 MW of solar PV capacity deployed in October Some 12 MW of solar PV capacity in 3,400 installations were deployed in the month of November, the data showed. “The figure for deployment within the latest month should always be taken as highly provisional — it is likely to be revised upwards as further data are received on newly operational site,” BEIS said. BEIS said 46%, or 5,810 MW, of total installed solar PV capacity, was in large-scale installations greater than 5 MW, with 20%, or 2,520 MW, coming from small-scale installations of up to 4 kW. –Shubhlakshmi […]