Asian nation will stop accepting scrap imports as of Jan. 1 New-made material will fill the gap, benefiting U.S. producers China is upending the global plastics market. The world’s biggest user of scrap has stopped accepting shiploads of other countries’ plastic trash as it phases in a new ban. That’s bad news for the recycling industry, as China has been a major consumer of salvaged materials it processes into resin that ends up in pipe, carpets, bottles and other cogs of modern life. China has begun buying brand new plastic to replace all the recycled scrap — and that’s great news for U.S. chemical makers such as DowDuPont Inc., which are scrambling to find markets for millions of tons of new production amid an industry investment binge. U.S. exports of one common plastic are expected to quintuple by 2020. “It’s a good time to be bringing on some new […]