China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC) has rented a convoy of 100 trucks to transport LNG from its main receiving terminals in southern China to alleviate gas shortages in the north. Northern China has only one LNG terminal and shortages are worsening. Although trucking LNG to industrial customers has become more common this year, it is unusual for a company to resort to this on such a scale or across such large distances. CNOOC did not say how much it had spent on renting the trucks but Reuters calculated that trucking LNG 2,400 km from its Zhuhai receiving terminal in southern China to Baoding – a major city in northern Hebei province – would take around two days and cost 50,400 yuan (US$76,257) per truck. That would equate to nearly a third of the value of a 20-tonne cargo of LNG, based on offer prices of 9,000 yuan (US$1,368) […]