This briefly covers the production side as the hurricane outages are dominating the trends at the moment, but there‚Äôs a section at the end on discoveries and reserves that may give some pointers to future expectations. The tables below show the production numbers for September, and their relation with previous months from BOEM and EIA, which are pretty close, but for some reason never the same and have actually diverged quite significantly at the moment. Both sets of data get revised, possibly up to a year later, usually those from EIA more than those from BOEM, and they end up with much closer, with EIA usually slightly lower BOEM C&C Production (kbpd) m-o-m (%) y-o-y (%) Average Annual (kbpd) July 1756 August 1722 -2.0% September 1706 -1.0% 12.2% 1707 EIA C&C Production (kbpd) m-o-m (%) y-o-y (%) Average Annual (kbpd) July 1732 August […]