Saudi air defenses shot down a ballistic missile fired by Yemen’s Houthi group toward Riyadh on Tuesday, the Saudi-led coalition said, in an attack that could escalate a proxy war between the kingdom and Iran. There were no reports of casualties or damage. In contrast, a U.N. human rights spokesman said coalition air strikes had killed at least 136 non-combatants in wartorn Yemen since December 6. The Iran-aligned Houthi movement said it had aimed the missile at the Saudi royal court at al-Yamama palace, where a meeting of Saudi leaders was under way. It described the attack as a new chapter in the conflict. The Saudi-led coalition said the missile, the latest of several fired toward Riyadh, had been directed at residential areas and there had been no damage. Quoting a statement from the coalition, Saudi state news agency SPA said Iranian-made missiles were a threat […]