Waivers of U.S. sanctions targeting oil exports up for renewal Trump’s scorn for Iran nuclear deal damping energy investment World oil markets are about to get a clearer idea of what Donald Trump’s presidency means for one of the biggest crude exporters, Iran. The U.S. president plans on sticking with an agreement that suspends American sanctions on Iran in return for limiting its nuclear research, according to two administration officials familiar with the matter. Even so, protests by Iranians against economic mismanagement by their leaders have only toughened Trump’s stance against Tehran. His well-known disdain for the nuclear deal is already deterring investors from the country, the third-biggest in OPEC. Of the Western energy majors, only France’s Total SA has returned, and it’s proceeding slowly. As global markets await Trump’s final decision, here’s what’s at stake for the oil world. What’s being decided? Trump is required by law to […]