Navigant Research has issued a new iteration of its Leaderboard Report on Autonomous Driving (AD), reflecting the new partnerships, strategic investments and acquisitions made since the early version less than one year ago. The Navigant AD Leaderboard assesses which participants are best-equipped to be the Leaders in developing complete automated driving stacks—including perception systems, processing, and control software—and services platforms. It quantifies the current relative position of each of these companies as the latest features are being developed and commercialized to help improve safety. … Silicon Valley and the incumbent automotive industry are increasingly recognizing that each can benefit from the expertise of the other in commercializing this technology quickly. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has joined the partnership of BMW, Intel, and Mobileye. Bosch and Daimler are working together. Baidu and BAIC Group have a tie-up to bring the Chinese tech giant’s software to market with the aid of […]