Despite assurances by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, of a return to normalcy in fuel supply, the fuel crisis worsened, yesterday, in Abuja, while transportation costs also rose astronomically. The queues which returned immediately after the Yuletide holidays attained a worrisome dimension, Thursday, as motorists spent about five hours on queues before they could get the commodity to buy. In most cases, after queuing for several hours, the motorists would be told by the petrol stations that they had ran out of the commodity, forcing the motorists on queue to locate another petrol station to begin yet another round of waiting. Some motorists had to abandon their vehicles at petrol stations overnight so as to remain close to the entrance of the station when it reopened to resume selling. However, the number of petrol stations selling the commodity had increased, as with the exception of A.A. Rano, MRS, […]