The latest OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report is out with production numbers for December 2017. All data is in thousand barrels per day. (Click to enlarge) Total OPEC crude only production was up by 42,400 barrels per day in December. However, that was after November production was revised downward by 75,000 bpd. So, OPEC production was actually down 33,000 bpd from what was reported last month.  I have posted OPEC production according to “secondary sources” as well as OPEC production based on “direct communication” in order to show what Venezuela said they were producing when called by the editors of the MOMR. More about that below Venezuela’s production chart. (Click to enlarge) Algeria was up 30,000 bpd in December, but the downward trend continues. (Click to enlarge) Angola’s crude oil production is holding steady. (Click to enlarge) Ecuador’s latest peak was in 2015 […]