The year in which WTI went from barely above $50 to over $60 a barrel and Brent hit OPEC’s much sought after $65 was full of the usual mix of price forecasts, warnings, and unpredictable events that left readers wondering what will happen next… Here are five of’s most popular stories from 2017 as we look back on an eventful year. The Oil War Is Only Just Getting Started Now in its second year, the OPEC/Russia oil production cut pact was the number-one headline maker of 2017. After the initial praise—and price spike—doubts began to emerge that the deal might not work as there was a strong likelihood that some members may cheat. Very soon, other doubts overshadowed these: U.S. shale production was growing, and it was growing fast. Despite OPEC publicly dismissing shale production growth as hype, by the end of the year it was crystal clear […]