Appalachian gas production has surged over eighty five percent (from 13,837 bcf/d to 26, 027 bcf/d) since 2014. The region has one the most productive and economic gas acreage in the country, and today it produces more gas than all other shale plays in the United States combined. Now, with the slate of pipeline projects coming on-line in 2018 Marcellus and Utica molecules can finally reach end consumers in larger markets creating a more adequate price equilibrium throughout the United States regions. During cold winter months this will translate into thousands of dollars saved on energy bills for consumers in Midwest and Atlantic Seaboard. Appalachian gas today is well positioned to change long established regional dynamics of gas pricing and flow while transforming the United States energy economy for years to come. It is worthwhile to have another look into why Appalachia matters today more than ever to the […]