The Aruba government said on Thursday it started talks with the United States after Houston-based firm Citgo Petroleum slowed work on an overhaul of the Caribbean island’s 235,000-barrel-per-day refinery due to a lack of credit. Sanctions imposed last year by President Donald Trump’s administration on Venezuela and its state-run oil company, PDVSA, limit their access to long-term credit, affecting oil projects in the OPEC-member country and in the Caribbean islands where PDVSA operates. Citgo, the U.S. refining unit of PDVSA, had selected a consortium of firms to handle the overhaul and hired some 600 local workers. But the lack of financing had delayed work to restart the idled refinery this year and to convert it into an oil upgrader, Citgo said earlier this week. “The Aruba government has contacted American authorities to understand what is going on. The Dutch ambassador in Washington and lawyers in New York […]