Intel Two real-life, practical, semi-autonomous vehicle launches next year are an indication that the self-driving car is really happening. Audi is expected to make its up-to-35-mph hands-free driving system available late next year in some 2018 vehicles. And Volvo will start testing Drive Me , an autopilot that will introduce 100 Swedish XC90 owners to autonomous driving, according to an Automotive News supplement produced for the Los Angeles Auto Show last month. Two mega-strides forward. But if you’re impatient and wondering why it’s taking so long for car makers to offer full autonomy, as in eye-free driving, one clue is in the data. The amounts of datasets that need to be produced and then shared in real time to make it all work are absolutely staggering. Vehicles will generate and consume roughly 40 terabytes of data for every eight hours of driving, according to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, speaking […]