Al-Falih says cuts should continue even if there’s a shortage Kingdom needs higher prices to implement economic reforms: RBC For decades, Saudi Arabia was the voice of moderation within OPEC, pushing back against the urging of members like Venezuela and Iran for higher oil prices. That role seems to be shifting. Thanks to OPEC-led production cuts, crude prices are double their level two years ago and bloated oil stockpiles are almost back to normal. Yet Saudi Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih wants to go further. Producers should keep cutting for the whole year, even if it causes a small supply shortage, Al-Falih said. “If we have to overbalance the market a little bit, then so be it,” he told reporters in Riyadh last week. When Success Isn’t Enough OPEC has almost cleared the oil glut, but Saudi Arabia wants to go further OECD Oil Inventory Surplus Source: IEA Saudi Arabia […]