It took six years for Ford Motor Co. F 1.13% to sell 8,700 electric Focus small cars. It takes just three days to sell as many gasoline-powered F-Series pickup trucks. Americans may not be lining up to buy electric cars, but that hasn’t stopped Ford from pushing ahead with plans to spend $11 billion to develop more compelling battery-powered vehicles. Ford’s rising commitment underscores a willingness among big car companies to experiment with the types of sexy electric cars that give Tesla Inc. its appeal. Ford’s push, announced at the Detroit auto show in January, is part of more than $70 billion in planned investments into electric vehicles and batteries that global car companies have announced since the beginning of 2017. This year, Jaguar is expected to offer an electric SUV via U.S. dealerships, to be followed by new battery-powered offerings from brands as diverse as Audi , Porsche, […]