US gasoline consumption fell for the first time in five years in 2017 as Americans saw higher gasoline prices, drove more fuel-efficient vehicles and their individual travel habits evolved, S&P Global Platts analysis of US Energy Information Administration data found Monday. Monthly data from the EIA show total US product supplied for gasoline — a demand proxy — averaged 9.317 million b/d in 2017. This was a decrease of about 0.006% from the prior year, the first decline since 2012. Although gasoline use declined on average, in certain individual weeks it reached unprecedented heights. In the week that ended August 25, 2017, gasoline product supplied hit 9.846 million b/d, the highest that figure has been in weekly data going as far back as 1991. A different set of EIA data show that among US states Pennsylvania saw the greatest year-on-year rise in gasoline consumption, with demand growing 11.9% in […]