So far this March, two nor’easters have pummeled New York and New England with high winds, storm surges and heavy, wet spring snow. As if on cue, large trees fell. As they did, their fractured branches and trunks severed electric power lines. And for a hopefully brief period darkness reigned. Thousands of electric utility customers have shivered in the dark for several days at least. Worst storm since Superstorm Sandy, said some utility executives. Good to know. And with the same results. From a customer’s standpoint, nothing much has changed. Does it have to be this way? The county executive of Westchester County, George Latimer, viewing the slow pace of power recovery, declared that the presidents of Con Edison and N.Y. State Electric and Gas should resign. The local cable news station featured complaints by consumers about faulty, uninformed inadequate and possibly mendacious advice from the utility on time […]

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