One of the pioneers of the U.S. shale boom plans to deliver a surprising message at a major energy conference here this week: U.S. oil production won’t keep growing as fast as the market seems to think. Mark Papa, the former chief executive of industry bellwether EOG Resources Inc., EOG -0.79% said in an interview he is eager to tell the assemblage of oil chieftains that a widely held view that shale-oil producers can quickly ramp up production, and sustain those levels if needed, is wrong. “The oil market is in a state of misdirection now,” said Mr. Papa, now head of smaller shale company Centennial Resource Development Inc., CDEV -3.29% suggesting future supplies might be more constrained than experts believe . “Someone needs to speak out.” Mr. Papa, 71 years old, is among a group of shale executives who were set to meet for a private dinner on […]