Oil prices climbed in early Tuesday trading, fuelled by President Trump’s remarks on Monday about the possibility of a US attack on Syria. At pixel time, Brent crude was up 1.3 per cent on the day to $69.55 a barrel, its highest level in a week, while light crude was up 1.4 percent to $64.29. Mr. Trump said on Monday that the US will decide whether or not to strike Syria “very quickly” in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack on the town of Douma, which the Syrian American Medical Society has said killed some 48 people. Meanwhile, Asian stocks rallied overnight, buoyed by a speech from Chinese premier Xi Jinping which pledged to open the country’s economy and lower tariffs on vehicle parts — but was short on details. Tokyo’s Topix rose 0.35 percent and the yen weakened 0.35 per cent to ¥107.12 per dollar, as anxieties over a Sino-American trade war lessened. Futures trading anticipated positive market opens in Europe and on Wall Street.