Venezuelan output plunges as refining woes aggravate Saudi output 9.92 mil b/d, Iraq 4.46 mil b/d, Iran 3.82 mil b/d Angolan production falls to 18-month low UAE, Iraq, Ecuador see slight rises OPEC oil output in March fell to 32.14 million b/d, its lowest level in 11 months, led by declines in seven out of the 14 member countries, an S&P Global Platts survey of OPEC and oil industry officials and analysts showed Friday. Related tables: OPEC crude oil output and production vs. cut allocations Supply disruptions in Venezuela and Angola along with steady falls in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Algeria and Nigeria dragged March output down by 250,000 b/d from February. The only countries to see a production rise were the UAE, Iraq and Ecuador. The March output figure is 590,000 b/d below OPEC’s notional ceiling of about 32.73 million b/d, when every country’s quota under its production cut […]