State-owned Indian Railways carried 50.32 million mt coal during April, up 18% year on year, data released by the Directorate of Statistics and Economics on Tuesday showed. Of the total, domestic coal accounted for 42.11 million mt, up 17% on the year, the rest being imported coal, which was 23% higher over the same period. Volumes of domestic coal transported to thermal power plants rose 13% on the year to 19.74 million mt in April, while imported coal deliveries were up 42% at 1.9 million mt, the data showed. Delivery of domestic coal to steel plants went up 7.6% on the year to 1.41 million mt while imported coal shipments rose 15% to 3.39 million mt, according to the data. Meanwhile delivery of domestic coal to other users rose 22% year on year to 20.95 million mt in April while imported coal shipments were up 24% at 2.92 million […]