Libya’s National Oil Corporation shipped its first cargo of propane from Zueitina port, four years after the gas processing plant at the port was closed due to protests, the company said late Wednesday. NOC said on its website it shipped 61,761 barrels of propane to Italy on Sunday, onboard the Corcode. “The shipment to Italy is the first of its kind since the closure of the gas plant at the Zueitina port four years ago,” NOC said. Zueitina Oil Co., a subsidiary of NOC, shut its LPG plant in 2014 due to the lack of gas feedstock as upstream oil operations were impacted by militia violence, in addition to worker protests and sit-ins. Crude oil exports resumed quickly after, with supplies pumped from other fields. However, the LPG plant remained closed as its supplies came from fields operated by Zueitina Oil Co. which remained closed. Crude and C1, C2 […]