The attacks last week on Libya’s eastern oil terminals destroyed two crude oil storage tanks at Ras Lanuf, cutting its storage capacity by 42% to 550,000 barrels, the National Oil Corp. said Monday, and warned of further tank losses. Storage tanks 2 and 12 at the Ras Lanuf oil terminal were destroyed by fires after armed militia assaults, the state oil company said in a statement. Ras Lanuf had five operational storage tanks, storing up to 950,000 barrels. The loss of the two tanks has reduced its total capacity by 400,000 barrels to just 550,000 barrels, NOC said. Tank 2 is in danger of leaking and spreading the blaze to tanks 1, 3 and 6, as firefighters have been unable to reach the tanks, which are still on fire, it added. NOC declared force majeure on crude oil loadings from the Es Sider and Ras Lanuf oil terminals Thursday. […]